Floader the amphibious self-propelled boat launcher

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I operate the Floader?

A :

Feel free to use it in any location that fits the below description:

・ On a beach with an incline less than ten degrees and with sand that is permissible for a four-wheel vehicle to drive on.

・ On a concrete slope with an incline less than fifteen to twenty degrees.

・ On waters with waves smaller than one meter.

How do I charge the batteries on the Floader?

A :

・ The P-10 Model and P-20 Model require two 100Ah deep-cycle batteries.

・ The P-20H Model requires four 100Ah deep-cycle batteries.

The batteries can be charged using the optional AC charger.
The batteries can also be charged using optional solar panels.

How do I keep the Floader unit from rusting?

A :

Hot-dip galvanization of the Floader's frame prevents rust.

What warranties are available for the product?

A :

The Floader's warranty covers replacement parts for one year after purchase at no cost if damaged while being used as directed. (Contact us for more information.)