Privacy Policy

As you will see below, we at Naito Kogyosho Co., Ltd. are dedicated to maintaining the security of all information provided by clients. All private information collected is used with the sole purpose of improving the quality of services provided to each and every one of our clients.

1.Limited Collection of Information

Private information collected from clients must play a legitimate role in improving our business and the intended use of the collected information must be evident. Information that does not have the purpose of improving our business operations will not be collected.

2.Limited Use of Information

The client's private information will not be used for any purpose other than that which they or the general public have been informed of. Exemptions may apply only when required by law or when the client has granted permission.

3.Properly Collected

All private information collected must be obtained in a legal and just manner. When necessary, the client will either be notified or the public will be made aware the intended use of the information collected.

4.The Accuracy of Retained Information

Private information that is collected and retained will be accurate, complete, and kept up-to-date according to the intended use of the information.


In retaining the private information collected, security measures will be implemented within reason to prevent the leakage, destruction, and damage to the information.

6.Non-Disclosure Policy

Each and every person employed by Naito Kogyosho Co., Ltd. is made aware of the importance of protecting the clients' private information and endeavors to not disclose any personal information.

7.Client Participation

The client will be made aware of the intended use of their information and place where their private information is to be retained. Should the client demand their information be disclosed, revised, or use be discontinued, we will respond in good faith.

8.Upholding the Law

In addition to the aforementioned principles, Naito Kogyosho Co., Ltd. will uphold all laws set forth by the Japanese government to protect and regulate all private information collected.

9.Objective of Private Information

In compliance with all aforementioned articles, all private information collected from clients will be used solely for the purpose of improving services made available to said clients.

Updated: August 1st, 2014